The Making of 'Ghost Maker - UK Drill' with LIATI, L Dizz & Smokey Jam

Step into the world of CPM's latest release - Ghost Maker - UK Drill. In an exclusive interview, we deep dive into the minds of the musical powerhouse behind this innovative album. Smokey Jam - known for his credits with Chlöe Bailey and Chase & Status - joins forces with the incredibly talented L Dizz - a graduate of Generation Grime – and LIATI, whose credits include Mist, Example, and Bugsey. 

Together, this dynamic trio have crafted together a fusion of raw energy and hard-hitting rhythms. From the intense beats to the lyrical one-liners, this album takes you on a journey through the UK Drill landscape. In our blog post, we uncover the true inspiration behind Ghost Maker - UK Drill.

What was the inspiration behind the album?
LIATI - Working with Warner Chappell Production Music over a number of years has seen us build a strong creative relationship. We noticed between us that the WCPM catalogue was missing a drill project which could cross over from an authentic commercial space into a highly syncable production music album. I love a challenge!

L Dizz - The inspiration derives from being involved in a cultured and raw scene. It’s got the energy of powerful and vibey beats with hard hitting vocals and lyrics, which for me blends perfectly.

How would you describe the sound of Ghost Maker - UK Drill?
LIATI - An authentic hard-hitting drill piece married with cinematic soundscapes and additional syncopated rhythms designed to allow the project to be accessible in many spaces.

L Dizz - A very hard hitting and powerful sound, which is matched with a professional mix and master to bring out each individual instrument. This adds to the whole epic vibe and makes for a very cohesive but also individually brilliant project.   

Can you talk me through the creative direction and themes behind the lyrics?
LIATI - Myself and L Dizz usually sit down and discuss rough concepts before we meet up to go into the studio. Due to his amazing talent of writing clean lyrics which still sound authentic I usually give him the space to develop themes into full songs. I have 100% faith in his talent. He's a great artist!

L Dizz - I think the album takes a perspective of real life and real experiences which resonate well with people because unauthenticity sticks out like a sore thumb.

Smokey Jam - The album tells stories of street life, resilience, and ambition.

What's your favourite lyric from the album? 
LIATI - "I told them watch out / Watch who you're provoking / I'm here for a takeover, where's the remote? Better changeover"

L Dizz - 'That’s why I keep moving moving, you could say I’m just a bit like Julien'  

Smokey Jam - “I’m on my grind but nothing like Bart did’ 

What kind of projects do you think this album would work well for?
LIATI - Video games by the likes of EA Sports and FIFA, as well as series such as Top Boy and Atlanta - what great shows!

L Dizz - I think any TV series and movies with high paced action scenes and also anything any content which requires an intense sound.

If you were a music key, what would you be and why?
LIATI - E Flat Minor - It's the key I work in all the time then transpose from there as it’s the most comfortable for me with the movements on piano! I love the sound of D Minor also! Usually, melancholic sounds make me happy!

Smokey Jam - D minor for its tension and emotional depth. 

Available to sync and stream here.

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