What is Production Music?

Production music (also known as library, background or mood music) is used in every imaginable media production. You hear it every day; whether as background music in TV productions, for ultimate impact in the film trailers or emotive builds in ads. Our production music catalogue features a comprehensive selection of genres and styles, which can deliver the right music for every mood.

All tracks have been cleared for licensing and can be used immediately. The specialty is that a production music library is both publisher and label in one. We have the assignment of the copyrights (the composition) and the artist rights (the recording) in one hand. This eliminates the need for lengthy clarification processes with several rights holders. 

The price of Production Music is well below the prices of, for example, commercial pop titles. This is possible because we do not assign our titles exclusively, which means that they are used more frequently. Our music is produced to the same or higher standard as popular music. Due to the clear focus on applications instead of expensive artist promotion, and the fact that we have our own recording studios and do not have to rent expensively, we can offer our entire production music repertoire on favorable terms.

How can I access & download on your search site?

The first step is to register an account with us here, which will begin the registration process. Once your account has been approved and verified, you’ll be able to explore and download our catalogue at your leisure.


I can’t find what I need, do you offer a personalised music search service?

Never worry; we have a very friendly and experienced music research team that are able to assist you. There’s no charge; we love searching, it’s what we do! Our aim is always to get back to you within the hour. Try us out here.

Do you offer Custom Composition services?

Yes, we do. We own high-quality recording studio facilities worldwide and a talented team of music producers are at hand to help create your desired track. To discuss your ideas, please contact us directly here.

Where can I get a licence to use Production Music?

Our music is licensable through the MCPS. To work out your cost to license, see the Ratecard here.

To apply for your licence, see the Licence Manager here.


My Company has a blanket licence, what am I covered for?

Although the rights covered will be comprehensive, each blanket licence is likely to be slightly different depending on the agreed term,. To find out if your content falls under a blanket, contact your in-house music department or us directly.

Are you part of Warner Chappell Publishing?

Yes, although we are part of the Warner Chappell family, we independently specialise in the creation and development of Production Music. If you’d like to make a commercial music request or enquiry, please ring 020 7938 0000 to find out more.

Are you a Royalty-Free library?

No. Our income is distributed fairly to our composers, who earn their livelihood through royalties. This framework helps us to invest in musical talent and the high-quality creative compositions we offer.



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