Scoremongers | Label Spotlight

Introducing Scoremongers!

A fresh approach to production music that takes inspiration from edgy films and stand-out series.

With over 70 albums, Scoremongers features tracks created by award-winning film and TV composers including Michael Brook (Into the Wild, The Vow), Lisbeth Scott (The Disappearance of Shere Hite, True Blood, Gratitude Revealed), Greg Tripi (The Wilds, Ma, Drive) and Tony Morales (Reacher, The Endgame).

The Scoremongers Label is presented as a series spanning across broad genres and includes set palettes with complimentary keys, recurring themes, transitions, a variety of moods, tones and submix options/stems for flexibility.

OFF BOOK with Lisbeth Scott
Deep dive into the making of 'Etherium' (part of Textured Vox Series).
Lisbeth discusses her approach to the album, musical influences, and some of the well-known collaborators with whom she’s worked throughout her career.

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