Winter Warmers


144 BPM02:03
Uplifting synthesizer arpeggios happily percolate over shimmering acoustic guitars with an ambient handclap and tambourine backbeat giving some worldly weight and a sense of victory.
101 BPM03:07
An introspective soundtrack for a forgotten empire. A penetrating sadness gently sways and features a heavyhearted combination of icy strings, piano and twinkling bells.
96 BPM03:17
Rippling in between eras with stoic determination. Liquefied string quartet and piano playfully interact while woodwind provides the urgency. Drop and build from 1:30
155 BPM02:13
An idyllic journey full of hope. An interplay of fluttering woodwind and lush string themes delivers the sweeping panorama with a spirited and homely feel.
120 BPM01:49
Personal achievement knowing that the epic task is completed. Arpeggio strings provide the propulsion prior to building into a celebratory jig from 0:52
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