114 BPM02:21
Glorious utopian paradise. Optimist pop anthem with non-worded vocal chants. Drop at 1:07 with a gradually increasing feel good factor.
103 BPM02:11
Big hitting brass with super charged drums. Strength, impact and only the winner stands. Vocal hook.
108 BPM02:01
Big life changes with this kinetic electro pop track. Driving rock riff with rousing synth lead makes for an energized combo.
90 BPM02:25
Anthemic indie rock. Mellow opening leads onto euphoric chorus at 0:32. Driving electric guitar lead from 1:57
112 BPM01:58
Achieving success. Widescreen rock epos featuring uplifting piano, big drums, heroic guitar and majestic strings building to climax. 112 BPM. Full mix.
140 BPM02:18
Stress-free and assured stadium rock. Reflections of a golden time which presents a gloriously optimistic melody.
132 BPM01:36
Happy, uplifting electro pop anthem layered with dreamy, inspirational energy.
111 BPM02:15
Nostalgic light drama intro of solo cello and sparkling guitars leads to a crowd-cheering, anthem indie rock cue. @ :24 low end ambient hit. @ :29 another low end ambient hit. @ :37 light riser. @ 1:06 crowd cheering SFX. @ 1:23 bass drop. @ 1:35 male vocal embellishments. @ 2:00 distant male vocal phrase.
146 BPM02:07
Motivating piano inspires this Pop/Rock anthem with energetic hand claps, playful guitars, rhythmic synths, fresh sfx, and driven drums. Success is just around the corner! Inspiring addition to your Film, Commercial, Ad, Reality TV, or Talk Show. Incentive, Positive Thinking, Anything Is Possible.
140 BPM01:36
A percolating, introspective intro builds thoughtfully to a dynamic anthem powered by driving drums and lush, optimistic strings in this expansive, triumphant ode to a world open wide with possibilities.
70 BPM01:07
Tender and solemn indie rock rises dramatically with emotional and passionate energy.
140 BPM02:24
Enigmatic industrial trap with driving percussion and mysterious breakdowns featuring horns.
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