65 BPM03:37
Drift into a world of dreamy calm. Lo-fi hop-hop groove with laidback funky bass line which sits under a string pizzicato lead.
95 BPM02:55
This funky neo-soul tune features playful female vocals, smooth keys, bouncing bass lines and grooving drums and percussion, everything eliciting sexy, flirty vibes. Version - Full
82 BPM02:35
Cool piano melodies backed by scattered beats and ambient synths create a mellow, peaceful and contented scene.
90 BPM02:24
Washing yourself in glorious hope. Chillout led groove with the lo-fi signature. Sweeping and floaty feel with soft toned vocal textures with an effortless backing.
66 BPM02:02
Spacey SFX accent this laid back lo-fi hip hop piece as trippy flute plays counterpoint to balmy synths, while effected electric guitars and entrancing female-male vocals enhance the vintage vibe.
100 BPM02:43
Feel the blissed-out, intoxicating sounds in this beautifully psychedelic chillwave/electronic/indie tune. Filled with nostalgic synths, warm keys, groovy bass, hazy leads and breezy guitars you'll dig the lo-fi asthetic of COASTAL HAZEl #Lo-Fi #Nostalgia #Chillwave #Summer
144 BPM02:44
Lo-fi beats back dreamy guitar licks and hypnotic synths to conjure heady, intoxicating coolness.
75 BPM02:04
Smooth vibes right from the top as the chilled mood washes gently over you.
80 BPM02:07
LA street hip hop with relentless keys, dark synths, sluggish drums, deep bass and male vinyl scratched vocals perfect for a sunset low rider drive down the strip. Thuggish addition to your Film, Reality TV, Ad, or Program. Thug Life, Urban Drama, Drugs & Crime.
70 BPM04:25
Epic blissphoria of trip-hop and chill wave. Angelic choral chant offers the ascent while dreamy lo-fi strings and beats provides optimism.
133 BPM03:26
Cool, mellow guitars, steady beats and ambient flute conjure a laid-back mood filled with hipster poise and playfulness.
93 BPM02:22
Pop in the VHS and get loose with this funked-up, electronic/synthwave track bumpin' with glorious retro-synths, big drums, warped textures, fluttering arpeggios and tape-stretched fx. Funky, nostalgic and F-U-N! #Synthwave #Retro #80s #DeepFrequencies
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