Energy Boost


This sparkling electro gem features female vocals searching for love as synths, acoustic guitar, strings, and synth bass play over pop beats that create bright enthusiasm. Version - Full
Vibrant, confident female vocals, grooving beats, soaring synths and catchy guitars create a spirited vibe in this fun pop tune. Version - Full
Sassy and spirited, this high-energy pop anthem pulses with swagger and empowering female sing/rap vocals with attitude.
Exhilarating and thrilling electro pop featuring breathy and dreamy female vocals deep pulsing synths and dream pop guitar with an epic cinematic vibe by super cool Canadian electronica group Modern Fear
This Funked Up blues cut jumps right out of the gates with an exciting slamming intro and lands into a dance groove at 05 seconds. Blues guitar riffs call and answer with the horns and the intro line book ends to a peak at 29 and 59 seconds. Fun, bluesy and playful.
Fun Funk meets Future R&B and Electronica. Revamped background version with multiple modular edit points. Infectious disco groove kicks in featuring brass and synths.
This electrifying cue driven by lively syncopated brass lines backed by invigorating funky guitar and feet tapping bass lines is sure to add some groove to your moves.
This dynamic beat-driven track features an eclectic mix of percussion elements, vocal shouts, and synth textures, all building to a powerfully high-energy climax. Version - Full
Grind it out and work it up. Fun and funky pop featuring a sassy and catchy saxophone lead line which will turn heads.
Determination and optimism exude in this encouraging pop track as bright guitars and synths accompany uplifting vocals, bass, and drums to create a dreamy atmosphere. Version - Full
This dynamic, energetic big band track produces a rousing sound as grooving bass, drums, and brass arrangements combine with guitar and piano patterns. Version - Full
This breezy electro-pop song creates a euphoric, dancing vibe through positive male vocals and shimmering electric guitar along with grooving bass and drums. Version - Full
Exhilarating, determined indie rock, triumphant, motivational and positive, with electric guitar, synth and male vocals building through the verses to a confident, inspirational chorus. Great for sports and motivational programming.
Set your sights high with this inspiring and invigorating acoustic-rock anthem featuring vibrant acoustic guitars, powerful driving drums, soaring leads and uplifting synths/strings. Majestic, proud and encouraging.
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