96 BPM02:24
Beautiful, reflective ostinatos & internal, introspective harp, piano & rhodes melodies, swells to subtle positivity & returns to haunting reflection
134 BPM03:01
Passionate, intense strings & rolling, flowing piano becomes offbeat, driving & agitated violin & piano melody with moments of powerful unity
130 BPM03:00
Thought-provoking ambient electronica. Intimate guitar and bubbling synth build before drum entry at 0:59
160 BPM02:28
Recollections of seminal moments. Simple piano and marimba building momentum to a striking conclusion.
168 BPM01:46
Quirky waltz to a dreamy soundtrack. Twinkling glock and playful marimba with aided by sweet sounding scaffaphone and boo bams.
130 BPM03:04
Instrumental mix. Tightly programmed beats against reflective synth textures.
140 BPM03:19
Underscore mix. Brooding, ethereal indie rock.
120 BPM03:05
Reflecting questions with introspective answers. Emotive piano chords with steady drum rhythms sit alongside detached ambient textures.
163 BPM01:57
Addictive piano theme with a distinctive, charismatic design. hypnotic in a mystic and foreboding way. asymmetric time signature. dark, questioning undertone - G minor, 163 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM01:09
A funereal piano melody unfolds over dark, somber synth pads and low thundering percussion hits. Version - Full Mix
78 BPM01:53
Suspenseful underscore builds dramatically with a dangerous and stealthy vibe.
126 BPM01:52
Dive headfirst into the unknown in this moody, suspense-filled track filled with uneasy textures, pulsing synth bass, echoing percussion and atmospheric guitars. Tense, dark and mysterious.
114 BPM03:15
Counting the cost of any given aftermath. Glacial tension; pleading piano and violin themes which are backed by clockwork rhythmic patterns.
100 BPM02:23
A subtle technology revolution. Utopian electronica with a refreshing feel; gentle guitars mixed with undulating synths.
110 BPM02:26
The hidden wonders of the universe. Minimal and elegant arpeggios underneath a delicate Tibetan bowl melody.
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