70 BPM02:51
A gradual awakening through transmissions of awe and wonder. Meditative guitar chords with repeating piano strikes are supported by subtle rhythms.
160 BPM02:28
Recollections of seminal moments. Simple piano and marimba building momentum to a striking conclusion.
120 BPM03:05
Reflecting questions with introspective answers. Emotive piano chords with steady drum rhythms sit alongside detached ambient textures.
96 BPM03:17
Rippling in between eras with stoic determination. Liquefied string quartet and piano playfully interact while woodwind provides the urgency. Drop and build from 1:30
44 BPM04:14
Facing a mysterious enigma. Plaintive opening statement with background sound design sets a introspective and nocturnal tone.
0 BPM01:08
A chastening sense of darkening skies and fading dreams.
120 BPM02:34
Sad, poignant fragile reflections. Tear-jerking romantic tragedy; lost forever.
72 BPM01:53
Intimately modern folk. Laidback double bass intro leads into dreamy slide guitar led melody. Blissful journeys.
145 BPM02:46
Reflective, emotional, flowing piano & lyrical, bittersweet melody build with soft, tender strings to poignant solo piano interlude & nostalgic waltz
111 BPM02:19
Expectant introduction builds to contrapuntal theme and modern cinematic drums, drops to middle section, building to full-orchestral finale with synths and big drums. Theme from Bach Fugue
86 BPM02:30
Unapologetic narrative of inner determination. Smouldering, soulful retro pop; introspective swagger creates a measured feeling of melancholy.
0 BPM01:05
Gorgeous arrangement that speaks of the endless cycle of life.
72 BPM01:42
Moments of deep pathos frozen in time. Deeply moving strings and choral textures offer the backdrop to a heartfelt violin melody from 1:08
68 BPM03:26
Very sad song. It is the epitomy of sadness and mourning. Main melody played by the violin. Key D minor. 68 BPM. Full mix.
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