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94 BPM00:51
The Night before Christmas - Dreamy & beautiful - Sweet dreams

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64 BPM01:55
Colorful orchestral wonderland, fantastic wizardry reminiscing the golden era of 70's and 80's family movies. Alice jumping through the looking glass, Dorothy clicking her heels together 3 times. Sparkles, gliding strings, whistles and flutes, B-flat major, 64 BPM
103 BPM01:00
Slow opening to medium tempo light romantic orchestral strings features piano and trumpet
92 BPM00:31
Soothing lullaby dreamy rich strings and woodwind
129 BPM01:05
Medium tempo gentle romantic soft pastoral waltz string woodwind
72 BPM04:13
In an extended period of isolation. A cold and detached feel; sombre string phrasing supports a lyrical and intimate piano melody.
91 BPM02:21
Soft romantic strings and woodwind
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