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120 BPM02:09
Positive strings, warm synths, proud brass, powerful drums & upbeat percussion build to strong, majestic theme. Epic orchestra mix for promos & sport

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160 BPM02:06
Passionate string and mallet patterns are joined by epic, noble orchestral themes in this fast-paced, building ode to Olympian-style victory. Version - Full Version - Full
120 BPM01:05
Upbeat and encouraging. This piece tastefully captures victory. It's empowering melodic themes sweep through a magical spread of orchestral emotion.
104 BPM02:24
Victory is at hand as felt through powerful, inspiring brass and string arrangements punctuated by marching-style percussion, everything building to a triumphant climax. Version - Full Version - Full
110 BPM02:17
An orchestra accompanies this brass laden track that prominently features trumpets, trombones, horns, tubas and everything that creates this graceful and triumphant sound of the main theme. An emotional part with less brass starts @00:55 before this song goes out with a bang. 110 Bpm. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:02
Boasting in victory. This grand orchestral piece sings praises to the champions with triumphant melodies and patriotic drums. Encouraging and upbeat.
122 BPM02:32
Triumphant - Inspirational. Invigorating arpeggiated strings kick off this inspiring and powerful composition. Grand and victorious brass and strings weave in and out in-between cinematic percussion stabs and ignite the hero within. POI @ :40 tempo/rhythm change with a positive marching feel. Inspiring/emotional chanting choir and gigantic syncopated drums with the full orchestra lead the way to victory! Full Mix.
70 BPM01:38
The sun peaks its rays just over the horizon as a new day begins. The war is finally over and the heroes are recognized accordingly. Inspirational and heartfelt string and horn melody lines tell a triumphant story over moderately-paced percussion. Trailer - Orchestral, Score. Slow. Full Mix.
140 BPM01:04
Sweetly inspiring with heartfelt determination. This heroic tune bursts with exciting anticipation wrapping around warm emotional melodies.
128 BPM03:16
Sustaining tones and subtle brass themes create anticipation, followed by rhythmic, passionate strings, soaring orchestral arrangements and sweeping choir that ramp up the energy in this building, anthemic orchestral cue. Version - Full Version - Full
125 BPM01:05
Feel the grandeur. Fast deliberate orchestral melodies push through a revered uplifting emotional theme. Triumphant, confident and admired.
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