75 BPM02:25
Underling romantic hope and simple affection. Features a mellow male vocal lead. Whistling, drums and double bass add vibe in this cerebral acoustic indie song.
76 BPM03:22
A world of wonder and discovery. This lilting female led acoustic indie track has a gentle and informal feel. Features upright / toy piano with hand made percussion.
95 BPM02:22
Gently comforting words for when it's most needed. Dreamy, female vocal led pop with a sentimental feel which gradually builds.
114 BPM03:03
Bold indie pop rock anthem with vigorous stomp clap rhythm, fun chant-like male chorus, insistent percussion and confident guitars that celebrate the strength we have to brave the world.
120 BPM02:09
Positive strings, warm synths, proud brass, powerful drums & upbeat percussion build to strong, majestic theme. Epic orchestra mix for promos & sport
85 BPM02:24
Positive strings, powerful synths, proud brass & confident drums build to uplifting, epic theme. Triumphant orchestra for promos, sports & advertising
127 BPM01:53
Forward thinking and optimist folky pop. Glorious trumpets and dazzling male chorus feature.
126 BPM02:30
Reflective dramatic guitars set a serious tone that transitions into an uplifting and bright indie rock cue. @ :16 main electric guitar melody enters. @ :53 drum groove enters. @ 1:09 male vocal and piano enters. @ 1:40 heavier rock drum groove. @ 1:43 male vocal shouts. @ 2:12 short rise then hit.
111 BPM02:15
Nostalgic light drama intro of solo cello and sparkling guitars leads to a crowd-cheering, anthem indie rock cue. @ :24 low end ambient hit. @ :29 another low end ambient hit. @ :37 light riser. @ 1:06 crowd cheering SFX. @ 1:23 bass drop. @ 1:35 male vocal embellishments. @ 2:00 distant male vocal phrase.
82 BPM02:46
Atmospheric and bright with indie folk elements featuring mandolin and brushed drums to create a positive and happy mood.
141 BPM02:01
Simple and powerful message of achieving great things. Male vocal led contemporary country pop which builds to a crescendo at 1:29
119 BPM02:46
Building towards a journey of self-discovery. Indulgent female vocals guide you in this poignant pop ballad which grows in confidence.
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