100 BPM02:36
A vibrant entrance shines with scintillating synth melodies and danceable bumpin beats. But not for long, get whisked away into a soothing electronic dreamland with calming and floating textures. Fun and upbeat.
102 BPM01:04
Underscore mix. Tropical pop groove that features a cyclic chord progression supported by resolute piano chords.
120 BPM01:59
A special chemistry. Hitting the party vibes with this uplifting EDM anthem. Confident and flowing female vocal provides the momentum.
124 BPM02:23
Look and feel confident. Driving synth line which opens into EDM house rhythms with upfront Marimba and piano motif.
109 BPM02:24
Feeling the love. Summer pop with a hint of tropical house. An uplifting and confident feel which features an expressive female vocal lead.
120 BPM01:30
Instrumental mix. Driving euro house anthem. Bouncy Marimba motif in from 0:48
96 BPM02:33
Smooth and Smokey downtempo electro pop. Slick yet brooding male vocal pleads about not giving up while the dreamy backing textures adds a deep quality.
128 BPM03:41
Stadium-sized EDM house with infectious synth riff and driving beats.
127 BPM02:07
Adrenaline fueled EDM anthem with intense synths, smackin' electronic drums, hyped up percussion and action packed dubstep break.
102 BPM02:39
Take a trip to the island of love! Relaxed electro pop with a laid back groove which smoothly combines guitar and vox lead. Chills at 1:34
120 BPM02:46
Reverse guitar effects lead into optimistic, positive sounding synthesizers washing over punchy drums and percussion with tons of pop appeal.
106 BPM02:46
Whether your chillin' at the beach or out for a night on the town this feel-good indie/electro/pop treat gets the party started with fun synths, rockin' guitars, bouncy bass, lively drums, breezy marimba and upbeat percussion all groovin' under a tropical sky! #ElectricBeach
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