Spring | Blooming


60 BPM03:47
From the heart, the love of another. Sincere melodies and a tender acoustic guitar part. Meaningful, sincere and visual. Full Mix 80 bpm
146 BPM02:08
Finally we go on vacation. An acoustic band invites you to drive off. A mandolin and a guitar play an enchanting melody full of joy and confidence. 146 BPM
79 BPM02:01
The soothing sound of this track makes you feel cozy and at ease. Enchanted by a dreamy acoustic guitar and accordion accompanied by upright bass, soft drums and piano, you drift away into a world of bliss. 79 Bpm. Full Mix.
180 BPM02:45
Carefree guitars and gentle piano melodies paint a heartwarming picture of sunny contentment and mellowness.
130 BPM02:28
Beautiful Mallet, guitar, piano bandplay evokes a soulful, smooth and intimate mood. Acoustic and natural bandplay.
120 BPM02:52
Authentic, tender acoustic pop with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano and strings, calm, positive and uplifting, building to an uplifting, confident resolution. Great for ads, nature programming and documentaries.
100 BPM02:45
This romantic symphonic cue features tender gliding strings, piano, robust brass, shimmering percussion, and woodwinds. Version - Full
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