Ocean Scapes


98 BPM02:30
The deep blue sea, air bubbles surfacing, pounding drums. Dramatic hybrid-orchestra adventure, a tremendous build of brass and string staccatos, 98 BPM
95 BPM02:09
An enigmatic rhythm pattern with a wide stereo panorama that blends in perfectly to promote the voice over. Narrative and storytelling are the focus of this sound bed. 95 bpm
115 BPM03:17
The leading piano theme is floating like a mysterious daydream in an exotic world. Female vocal textures complement with strings to a curious Atlantis feel. 115 BPM. Full mix.
60 BPM03:31
Mystic underwater impressions. Minimalistic string movement, slightly melancholic and gloomy, turning into tranquil serenity featuring lyrical cello. 60 BPM. Full mix.
84 BPM01:25
A questioning and restless feel. 12/8 rhythmic patterns add the propulsion against rolling piano motif and interweaving harp phrasing.
105 BPM02:25
A wistful cry from a distant place can be heard in this film score track. Accompanied by piano and strings, a mysterious chant reminds of mermaids and other magical creatures. 105 BPM. Full mix.
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