53 BPM03:28
Quietly absorbing the information. Mystical vocal textures float around a central drone pad layering creating a hypnotic and reflective experience.
A pathway of peaceful reflection. Ethereal ambient electronica cue featuring synth textures. These float along with an air of spatial calm.
67 BPM02:17
Swelling synth pads and effects offer peace and tranquility in this serene, meditative composition. Version - Full
60 BPM02:20
60 BPM02:20
A rebirth of ideas with a clear shift towards a growth mind set. Glassy piano phrases induces a transcendental state helped along by soothing string pads.
66 BPM02:04
Ambient widescreen wonder. Ethereal pads with twinkling melody. Wide open eyes.
125 BPM02:40
125 BPM02:40
Waves of ghostly energy passing by. Displaced electronic groove; an uneasy soundscape is pacified by sparse vocal flickers.
0 BPM01:06
A blissful, tactile treat for the senses.
145 BPM06:35
Adrift in the aether. Dreamy minimalist textures are stitched together by a circular looping motif smothered in reflective contemplation.
60 BPM02:40
An ethereal wash of sound that envelops you in it's soft cocoon.
64 BPM02:08
Subtle, emotive piano that gently follows the hypnotic, setting sun.
56 BPM02:58
Glorious, meditative soundscape of shining, heavenly bliss.
123 BPM02:24
calm reverberating drone and light metal bowls with delicately twittering birds
44 BPM04:14
Facing a mysterious enigma. Plaintive opening statement with background sound design sets a introspective and nocturnal tone.
105 BPM03:40
105 BPM03:40
Slow moving meditative drift into the aether. Dreamlike ambient electronica with a weightless guitar loop and warm tremolo bass from 0:55
120 BPM01:06
Peaceful and calm like a Zen garden.
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