March New Releases


140 BPM02:26
Spaced-out vocoder shouts float above synth glimmers. Glitched synths cascade over warm, reverberating buzzes. A rain shower of shimmering color pours down enveloping everything in a glistening shiny rainbow, F-sharp major, 140 BPM
75 BPM02:04
A tense thriller with gritty rhythmic snares opens into romantic piano flourishes. A police detective pounds the streets. Is she haunted by an unsolved crime, or the lover she abandoned?
80 BPM02:48
Warm piano chords, shy at first, speak of a better world on the horizon. A hopeful fluttering pulse ignites cinematic drums, agitating symphonic strings soaring, rising to extreme heights, the orchestra elating, D-sharp major, 80 BPM
131 BPM03:12
Soothing male vocals sing affectionately alongside romantic strings, guitar, and bass throughout this flowing acoustic song. Version - Full
120 BPM02:45
Airy male vocals sing of love and desire in this passionate electronic indie song, featuring warm keys, synths, and mellow drumbeats. Version - Full
90 BPM02:29
Bluesy electric guitar melodies and fun vocals accompany upbeat bass and drums to create a grooving, confident sound. Version - Full
52 BPM01:32
Cold, ethereal synth pads, supported with low booms, strings, melodic and rhythmic piano, and a distant lead.
82 BPM02:00
Mellow broken e-guitar chords express isolation, softly vibrating with a gentle bass pulse. Feeling heavy-hearted and dispirited. Watching the sun go down, B minor, 82 BPM
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