65 BPM03:42
Delicate, enchanting melody that softly transports and delights.
0 BPM01:08
Beautiful, soft and contemplative sound of peace and nature.
Witnessing an impressive traditional percussive dance.
109 BPM01:26
109 BPM01:26
Slow authentic ethnic far eastern mystical mysterious flutes drum rolls
121 BPM01:00
Powerful ancient dance Taiko drum and Fue ensemble
75 BPM01:31
Huge ritual gongs, a delicate intro of Japanese Koto strings representing the island's tradition and culture, tremolos, steady rhythm. Vigorous war-like Taiko drums entering @ 0'41, 75 BPM
100 BPM02:17
Orchestra of dramatic bowed strings and Koto setting out on a far-east adventure. Serene flute curiously searching, building with confidence, opening a courageous symphonic theme full of bravery and glory, 100 BPM
103 BPM01:40
Koto patterns ringing, heavily vibrating deep bass tones, trapish bouncing beat, resounding mallets. Far east ambiance. Spacey, 103 BPM
80 BPM01:21
Mellow keyboard pulses pending, Koto strings, bamboo flute, taiko drum accents, gentle bass. Gradually building. Mystical. Atmospheric. Focussed. Passionate, 80 BPM
94 BPM01:57
Mystical cymbal swells. Taiko drums, Asian strings, serene flute. Brass. Meditative. The pure magic of flight. The eager eye of the Eagle. Alert. Keen. Monumental guitar tones, 94 BPM
96 BPM03:29
Nostalgic and laid back Japanese hip-hop featuring traditional koto and shakuhachi. Japanese and English versions available.
80 BPM02:30
shakuhachi flute and twinkling strings tinkle. sparse. gentle rolling taiko pattern joins in softly @ 0'24 creating an ancient ethnic atmosphere, 80 BPM
75 BPM01:55
Strings quartet intro with piano that builds in a more traditional orchestral arrangement with female vocals in a light far eastern fashion and finishes off with the string quartet
160 BPM00:41
World - Asian. Powerful Taiko drums and all sorts of Asian percussion carry this bed along a sweet flute melody. Full Mix.
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