106 BPM02:39
Sunny days ahead. Hopeful and folksy acoustic guitars strum behind the main lead melody. Gentle electric guitar provides interest at 1:17
84 BPM02:45
Finding inner peace. Leisurely and flowing strumming behind an acoustic guitar melody. Pedal steel adds a dreamy, far-flung textural backdrop.
83 BPM02:55
Inner contemplations. Sad, reflective opening with finger picking phrasing. Featuring a sentimental acoustic guitar melody which doubles up at 1:16
108 BPM02:32
A joyful, sunny and excitable piece filled with bustling beats and heartfelt melodies that bring positivity and warmth.
140 BPM02:09
Home, Acoustic, Relaxed, Soft Pop, Arthouse, Positive. Acoustic. 140 BPM. Full.
137 BPM01:49
Medium up tempo light hearted playful restful gentle movement solo piano
0 BPM01:10
Warming strings evoke grand thoughts of summer adventure.
0 BPM01:11
Warming strings evoke grand thoughts of summer adventure.
114 BPM01:54
Heartfelt indie pop middle sandwiched between a lively and dynamic beginning and end. With background vocals.
140 BPM01:43
Simple light piano melodies to open. Drums and percussion drive the song forward. Heartfelt energy with upbeat pulse is inspiring. Smooth, easy finish.
104 BPM02:06
Tender underscore peppered with hints of otherworldliness.
0 BPM02:03
Mellow, spacious sound of rejuvenation and heartfelt optimism.
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