115 BPM02:21
The will to win for a big time moment. Swaggering brass, retro pop theme with strength to make the impossible possible.
176 BPM02:03
Everyone's a winner. Euphoric post punk revival delivers a rousing sound. Guitar lead with driving drums.
111 BPM02:29
Pumped up and ready for the action. Motivational brass led, funky pop with driving beats and lift me higher gospel BV's.
113 BPM02:49
This shimmering, upbeat pop track eases into a friendly, swaying groove with finger snaps.
91 BPM02:10
Feeling on top of the world. Celebratory alt. rock delivers that positivity while the joyous Brass theme spreads the happiness.
125 BPM01:54
Basking in a moment of celebratory glory. Luscious dance pop with shimmery synths with a spectral and euphoric ambient vocal.
110 BPM02:27
Alternative non vocal mix. Inspirational lifestyle pop with glorious a brass hook. Break-down and build at 0:52
120 BPM02:51
This friendly, empowering pop track melds with a funky retro groove.
101 BPM02:25
Instrumental mix. Brighter, Feel good pop with a positive and catchy brass riff. Break-down and build at 0:57
170 BPM02:18
Instrumental mix. Uplifting dance floor anthem that has a confident vibrancy throughout. Piano led drop at 1:10
116 BPM02:11
Instrumental mix. Lively and upbeat retro pop with a funky flavour. Features upfront brass hook.
110 BPM02:19
Instrumental mix. Glamorous electro pop with funky guitar riff with brass led chorus from 0:59
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