Epic Atmospheric


130 BPM02:19
Mysteriously shimmering strings gradually builds momentum. Impact hits at 1:13 introduces powerful second-half chapter leading to a dramatic finale.
40 BPM02:44
Compelling and poignant; stunning stark beauty. Slow and static orchestra and choir sit behind poignant violin lead. Building emotional intensity from 1:36
100 BPM02:11
Dark fx and retro-inspired synths support a rhythmic texture of heavy percussion, driving string ostinatos, and a wall of colossal anthemic brass. POI @ 0:10 First percussion boom. POI @ 0:29 Synth ostinato enters. POI @ 0:39 Second synth ostinato begins. POI @ 0:48 Strings enter as the intensity rises. POI @ 1:07 Rings out to silence. POI @ 1:10 Glitching electronic fx lead into colossal brass anthem. POI @ 1:46 Rings to silence. POI @ 1:50 fast swell into pulsing textural ending.
130 BPM01:57
Atmospheric piano and strings build with energetic flow. An ethereal break at 1:00 leads into pounding orchestral and choir impact strikes from 1:16
110 BPM03:07
51 BPM02:15
A motion-filled texture of piano, pads, and percussion builds to an emtional peak. POI @ :08 Piano enters. POI @ :27 Piano melody is doubled by shimmers. POI @ :45 Small percussion swell. POI @ 1:04 Small percussion swell as the texture continues to grow. POI @ 1:25 High ringing SFX. POI @ 1:29 Deep percussion hits and quiet pulses push the track forward. POI @ 1:53 Slow windy riser begins. POI @ 2:07 Sweeping riser reverberates out.
75 BPM02:19
Modern piano theme rises to a massive suspenseful finish .POI @ :20 Lush wash of strings enter. POI @ :29 Colossal percussion accentuates the first heavy hit. POI @ :58 Strong entrance of pulsing synths. POI @ 1:17 Suspensul downer into silence. POI @ 1:21 Massive rise into gripping theme. POI @ 2:06 Percussive build into final hit.
166 BPM02:23
Cloud Nine
70 BPM03:42
Atmospheric and ambient intro that builds into a very melodic orchestral track with strong strings melody
110 BPM02:43
Driving synth and string ostinatos fuel a steady rise to the peak, with spots of glitching FX. POI @ 0:08 Synth ostinato enters. POI @ 0:26 Strings enter. POI @ 0:58 Percussive build reverberates out. POI @ 1:08 Glitchy rise into full groove. POI @ 1:27 Brass rises to prominence. POI @ 1:45 Texture continues to thicken with choir. POI @ 2:19 Downer into riser, into final abrupt cutoff. POI @ 2:30 Final drone.
120 BPM02:59
Dark massive orchestral track with strng melody and full arrangement
80 BPM02:53
Sparkling and celestial opening. Enigmatic synth motif at 0:24 gradually expands. Requiem-style strings and choir from 1:12 for cloak-and-dagger thriller.
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