Emotive Orchestral


40 BPM02:44
Compelling and poignant; stunning stark beauty. Slow and static orchestra and choir sit behind poignant violin lead. Building emotional intensity from 1:36
70 BPM02:48
Epic orchestral underscore building into driving victorious theme. POI :27 Low hits and string swells begin. POI @ :48 Orchestra begins gradual dramatic climb. POI @ 1:25 Orchestra swells to dramatic suspension. POI @ 1:36 Epic percussion swells into glorious, courageous orchestral theme. POI @ 2:25 Rhythmic orchestral hits climb to thrilling suspension highlighted by sound design. POI @ 2:35 Riser into dramatic brass braams. POI @ 2:40 Final hit accented by an overwhelming, furious roar. Trailer - Orchestral - Theme. 70 BPM. Full mix.
112 BPM02:52
Piano intro with minimal guitar notes with swelling strings and light electro beat followed by a very melodic string section building towards a big orchestral arrangement
63 BPM01:42
Thought-provoking, reverential orchestral epic. Opening strings develop into a stirring theme from 0:55, leading to a theatrical requiem style close at 1:20
122 BPM02:48
Emotional with a hint of sadness in a very epic and orchestral track
95 BPM03:09
Gentle piano ostinato intro with swealling strings. It keeps building and integrating intruments such as synth bed and brass and keeps steadily building towards a massive emotional arrangement
160 BPM03:23
Emotional and slow strings adagio intro that builds into big orchestral arrangement
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